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Withdraw Funds from the Nume Network

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Unlike other networks, withdrawals from the Nume network cost a flat 0.10 DAI. With a Nume Premium subscription, withdrawals are fee-less.

Here’s your step-by-step guide to withdrawing from Nume Mainnet back to Polygon zkEVM.

1. Before getting started, make sure you have sufficient DAI for withdrawals which are a flat 0.10 DAI.

2. Select the token to withdraw from the Token dropdown and enter the amount.

3. Review the withdrawal.

4. Approve the transaction on Metamask.

5. Your withdrawal request has been initiated and will be processed as part of Nume’s next settlement.

6. Navigate to the latest block on Nume’s Block Explorer page to view your transaction: https://explorer.numecrypto.com/

7. Back on the bridge website, note that the DAI balance has a 0.10 DAI deduction.

8. Navigate to ‘Transaction History’ to check the latest status of your withdrawal. Once the block which contains your withdrawal has been finalized on Polygon zkEVM, the status will change from ‘Processing’ to ‘Complete’.

9. The withdrawal has been finalized on zkEVM. Click on claim funds to transfer funds from Nume’s contract on Polygon zkEVM to your wallet.

10. Sign the request on Metamask

11. Review the transaction on Metamask and Click Confirm

12. Funds have been claimed successfully.


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