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Introducing Nume Premium: A Groundbreaking Subscription Service from Nume Crypto

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A New Chapter in Blockchain Accessibility

We at Nume Crypto are thrilled to announce the launch of Nume Premium, a pioneering subscription service that represents a significant milestone for the Nume protocol and the broader blockchain community. Nume Premium offers unlimited access to all protocol operations under a single, easy-to-understand pricing structure. As it is, the Nume network is priced in DAI and has no concept of gasprice or congestion, which means that users can engage with the sercice without worrying about fluctuating costs or complex fee structures. However, we want to further eliminate the cognitive burden of even factoring in a per-operation fee every time users interact with the protocol. We are hence introducing Nume Premium, which allows users to access all protocol operations for *no* additional fees apart from the subscription charge billed (approximately) monthly. Our goal is to make blockchain technology more accessible, and Nume Premium is a significant step in this direction.

Empowering Users with Trustless Cancellation

A core tenet of Nume Premium is its trustless nature. The subscription service is enshrined into the network; this means that the subscription status of a user is tracked in the network state tree and users can cancel their subscription at any time without depending on our Sequencer to process the request. This trustless cancellation is facilitated by the user’s direct interaction with Nume’s bridging contract on Polygon zkEVM, whereby they can prove that they are a subscribed user and submit a cancellation request that is enforced by the contract. Of course, users will have an easier experience submitting a cancellation request with our Sequencer at bridge.numecrypto.com.Note: the subscription amount and frequency are values currently set by us and these parameters will soon be enshrined in the protocol as well.

Seamless Subscription Process

Subscribing to Nume Premium is easy. Users can sign up through the Nume bridging website at bridge.numecrypto.com. Once subscribed, the Nume network automates the billing process, deducting the subscription fee from the user’s Nume balance every X settlements. The cadence of settlements will be fine tuned over time based on network traffic. To ensure that subscribers are billed no earlier than 30 days, subscriptions will initially be setup to renew at the uppermost bound of frequency of settlements. This number will be updated to most accurately match a month over time.

To celebrate the launch of Nume Premium, we are offering an introductory price of just $1.99 DAI per month. This special rate is our way of thanking our early adopters and making Nume Premium accessible to a broader audience.

Looking Forward

With Nume Premium, we are not just launching a subscription service; we are redefining how users interact with blockchain protocols. Our mission has always been to drive innovation and inclusivity in the blockchain space, and Nume Premium is a testament to this commitment. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey and experience the full potential of the Nume protocol.

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